Tuesday, September 13, 2016

539 – Buffalo Springfield – Out of my mind (1966)

Escrita por Neil Young, foi gravada pelo Buffalo Springfield em agosto de 1966, no Gold Star Studios, em Los Angeles. Teve Neil Young como vocalista. Foi a faixa número 11 do disco de estréia da banda.

A letra:

Out of my mind
And I just can't take it anymore
Left behind
By myself and what I'm living for
All I hear are screams from outside the limousines
That are taking me

Out of my mind
Through the keyhole in an open door
Happy to find
That I don't know what I'm smiling for
Tired of hanging on
If you've missed me, I've just gone
Cause they're taking me
Out of my mind

A versão de Buffalo Springfield:

A versão de Neil Young ao vivo em 2014, somente áudio:

A versõ de Demo do Buffalo Springfield:

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