Wednesday, February 1, 2017

586 – Roy Orbison – Never (1966)

Escrita por Roy Orbison e Bill Dees, foi gravada entre outubro e novembro de 1965 e lançada no disco The Orbison Way, em janeiro de 1966.

A letra:

A new sweet song of love has got you off my mind
I've found the new love who will walk the line
Every night and every day
I give all my love away
To someone who can love me all the time

Never again, to be lonely again
Never again
Heartaches have left me now forever

I've burned the old love letters that you wrote to me
Discovered love I thought could never be
A love as sweet as wine
Keeps you off my mind
I said goodbye to my misery

Memories will never bother me again
And when I think of things that might have been
I just pledge my love to my new love
And then we kiss again

And oh, what a feeling just to know
That never again, never again, never again
I've found a love to last forever
I true love who will leave me never

Never, never, never
Never, never, never
Never, never, never...

A versão de Roy Orbison:

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